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Venetian Walls of Nicosia

Venetian Walls of Nicosia

Explore the Venetian Walls of Nicosia, a stunning series of fortifications surrounding Cyprus’ capital city. Originally assembled in the Middle Ages and rebuilt by Venice in the 16th century, these walls are among the best-preserved Renaissance military structures in the Eastern Mediterranean. Discover their history, layout, and significance as a major tourist attraction. The castle was constructed during Lusignan times in the 13th century, with various fortifications added over time until King Peter II fortified it entirely and demolished Margarita Tower. In 1489, Cyprus became part of Venice, leading to significant efforts to strengthen Nicosia after the Great Siege of Malta in 1567, commissioned by Italian engineers Giulio Savorgnan and Francesco Barbaro, who designed new walls demolishing medieval ones while removing several structures within/outside for better defense capabilities & vision field. Unfortunately, Fourth Ottoman-Venetian War broke out before completion, leading to Ottomans breaching walls resulting in the capture/massacre of remaining inhabitants.

Design and Layout:

Nicosia’s Venetian walls have a circular layout, spanning about 5 km. The walls boast eleven pentagonal bastions with rounded orillons, similar to those in Palmanova, Italy. These bastions are named after influential families who generously contributed funds to construct the walls.

Caraffa to Tripoli Bastions lies in the southern half of the city within Cyprus’ Republic. Roccas to Loredan Bastions is in the Turkish-occupied north, while Flatro Bastion is in the UN Buffer Zone. Three grand gates punctuate the walls: Paphos Gate (Porta San Domenico), Famagusta Gate (Porta Giuliana), and Kyrenia Gate (Porta del Proveditore).

Significance and Visitor Tips:

The Venetian walls of Nicosia exemplify remarkable 16th-century military architecture that marks a Renaissance era in fortification construction. Innovative techniques include strategic gate placement alongside bastions for enhanced protection during sieges. Leaving the upper half unlined with masonry increased their ability to withstand cannon shots.

Tourists can immerse themselves in historical and cultural heritage by visiting Nicosia’s Venetian Walls. Walking along offers breathtaking views of both old and modern parts of Nicosia while exploring bastions allows visitors to appreciate the remarkable craftsmanship involved.

Helpful tips for tourists looking forward to visiting Venetian Walls:

Guided Tours: Consider joining guided tours for a deeper understanding of these fortifications’ historical significance and architectural features, as knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the city’s past.

The Venetian walls of Nicosia in Cyprus are a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural brilliance. These well-preserved fortifications offer a unique experience for visitors, attracting both residents and tourists alike. To fully immerse yourself in Nicosia’s historical charm and cultural heritage, explore the bastions, gates, and surrounding areas while wearing comfortable walking shoes. Remember your camera or binoculars to capture panoramic views of the city and its landscapes from atop the walls. Familiarize yourself with Nicosia’s history to better appreciate the significance of these structures during times of conflict. Enjoy the vibrant streets, cafes, restaurants, culture, and traditions surrounding this magnificent site. Check opening hours before you go; some areas may have specific visiting hours or require prior permission. Embark on a memorable journey through time as you discover all these Venetian walls offer!


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