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First Visit
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Is the 1st consultation necessary?

Your consultation with Dr. Stavrou is your first step to satisfy your desire to look and feel younger. It is necessary both for you and Dr. Stavrou to discuss your desieres, your expectations and the choice of treatment you have. Dr. Stavrou will answer all of your questions and suggest possible treatment for your problem.

What happens during a consultation?

During the consultation you will meet Dr. Stavrou and discuss with him the reason for your visit. After taking a full medical history and doing a full clinical examination, Dr. Stavrou will discuss with the treatment choices you may have. You will also get the opportunity to answer all your questions in order to be able to reach a fully informed and conscious decision.

Do I need to schedule a surgery at my 1st visit?

No. You can schedule an appointment for surgery at a later stage. The doctor’s fee is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of your consultation. However, the hospital’s and anesthesiologist’s fee might change.

What happens if i still have questions after the 1st visit?

You can contact the office at any time to ask any question you may have. If needed you can arrange a 2nd meeting with Dr. Stavrou.

Do I have to be photographed?

Photographs are a necessary part of your medical record and can be helpful to Dr. Stavrou throughout your treatment. You will sign a concent form stating that choose your photographs to stay in your medical record or also be used for training and research purposes. If your consultation is about areas of your face you are asked to minimize any makeup you put on as it will help evaluate you better.

Can I be accompanied by a friend or a member of my family during my consultation?

You can bring a friend or a member of your family for your support. However, the final decision about your treatment should be self-directed and fully informed.

Where can I recover after my surgery?

Recovery is an important part of your treatment. Dr. Stavrou will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions that you have to carefully follow to ensure the best possible outcome for your surgery. You may choose to recover from the 1st post-op day at your own place if the condition of your health allows it and you have the necessary help at home. However if you wish you can stay overnight at the clinic.

Who will care for me during my recovery?

If you choose to recover at home you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will help you especially during the first post-op days. In the clinic, your care is provide by licenced medical professionals trained to care for post-surgical patients.

How long will my recovery last?

Every patient and every procedure is unique. Your recovery plan will be discussed with Dr. Stavrou at your pre-op consultation. All instructions will be given to you in detail, including wound care, medication etc.

When will I meet with Dr. Stavrou after my surgery?

Dr. Stavrou will visit you in your room after the surgery. When you are released you will receive details for your next visit to Dr. Stavrou’s office.

What happens in case of a complication or questions I may have?

You will be given a full list of all possible complications and problems you may experience after the surgery. If you have any questions during your recovery we ask you to contact us immediately.

Can I see pictures of other patients before and after treatment?

Due to our commitement to protect the privacy of our patients we have choosen not to post pictures through our website. However, we welcome all of you to visit our office and view our photo book together with Dr. Stavrou.

Where does Dr. Stavrou peform surgery?

Dr. Stavrou is an associate with a number of clinics and he will recommend a number of choices. Minor surgeries can be performed in our in-office procedure room.

Can I choose where my surgery will be performed?

Dr. Stavrou will recommend the best options for clinic to perform your procedure. If you have a specific request you can mention it during the consultation. If appropriate for your procedure we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Can I choose the type of anesthesia?

Dr. Stavrou and the anesthesiologist will choose the appropriate type of anesthesia for your case.

What are the risks for a surgical procedure?

The risks of surgery depend on the procedure and will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation and before you sign your consent form for the surgery. By choosing the right medical team of experts and a modern medical center the risks are minimized. Moreover, by taking a full medical history and by you following all the pre- and post-op instruction of Dr. Stavrou, complication are vastly reduced.

Who is the right candidate for plastic surgery?

The right candidate for plastic surgery is the one who has realistic expectations and recognizes the limits of medical science and technology. The decision for a treatment should be exclusively his/hers, should be fully concent and taken under no pressure from third parties. Every candidate should aim to improve his/hers image, self-esteem and also physical and mental health.

What is the right age for plastic surgery?

There is no specific answer to this question. Every patient and every problem is unique and should be individualized and treated accordingly. Each age group has its own preferences for specific procedures and the proposed treatments should be adjusted according to the patient’s problem.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Both are subcategories of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery enhances and improves a healthy and functional part of the body. The requirement for cosmetic surgery is every person’s will to undergo one. Reconstructive surgery corrects a deformity, congenital or acquired, that can cause functional or cosmetic problems to a patient. Its goal is to restore the function and natural image of the body.

Where is plastic surgery performed?

Plastic surgery like any other surgery, should be performed in medical centers certified from the ministry of health that provide all the necessary facilities to ensure the safety of the patient. Dr. Stavrou also performs minor surgeries under topical anesthesia at a fully equipped procedure room in his office.

How many days of inpatient care are needed after plastic surgery?

In most cases of plastic surgery, the patient is discharged the same day. If the surgery is extended or complications may arise, it might be necessary for inpatient care of the patient.

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