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Skin Graft Procedure

Sketch model of a neck after a skin graft procedure

What is a Skin Graft Procedure?

Burn injury is a multifactorial disease that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid possible complications in the future.

The consequences from a burn injury can be disastrous and apart from cosmetic problems, burns can cause serious functional impairments. The acute treatment of a burn is so much important as is the use of the right wound dressings and surgical treatments.

How Good is Plastic Surgery on Burn Victims?

Dr. Stavrou will evaluate you from the first moment of the injury and will provide you with the proper treatment to ensure a fast and painless recovery. In cases where the injury is old and your problem is burn scars, Dr. Stavrou will suggest the best treatment possible for your case that might include skin grafts, local flaps or tissue expanders.

How Long Does a Skin Graft Procedure Take?

The procedures are done under topical or general anesthesia according to the type of the procedure. A treatment might need more than one stage to be fully completed.

Recovery depends on the type of the procedure. Light activities may commence from the next day of your surgery and gradually you will return to your normal everyday life. Skin care and sun protection are necessary during the recovery period.

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