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Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory

Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory

Visit the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory in Nicosia, Cyprus, for a unique experience. This high-rise building, called “Ledras Tower,” offers history, culture, and stunning city views. Once called Manglis Tower, it was built by Costas Manglis to serve as headquarters for General Engineering and Hellenic Mining Company. Today, it houses H&M department stores on its first five floors.


Located in Nicosia’s old town area, this museum provides an elevated view of the city from its sixth-floor cafeteria and 11th-floor observatory and museum. The modern exhibition combines technology with history through photographs and descriptions of Old Nicosia provided by the Leventis Museum of Nicosia and Debenhams Group. A multilingual taped history is available to learn more about the capital’s past.


The highlight is undoubtedly the panoramic view from the observatory, allowing you to marvel at architectural wonders while taking in surrounding landscapes. Telescopes are available to enhance your experience further so that you can discover hidden gems that make Nicosia special.


Maximize your visit to the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory with these tips:


Timing: Opt for daytime hours to fully appreciate the cityscape. The museum operates from 10 am – 6 pm, so plan accordingly.


Photography: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture stunning vistas and preserve memories.


Binoculars: Utilize provided telescopes and binoculars for closer views of landmarks or areas of interest.


Multilingual Information: Taped histories in multiple languages ensure all visitors can enjoy exhibits.


Allow Ample Time: Plan enough time to thoroughly explore the museum and observatory, as there is much to see and learn.


Enjoy Nicosia’s history and beauty at the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory. With captivating exhibitions, breathtaking views, and a central location, it’s an attraction to be noticed. Whether resident or tourist, add it to your itinerary when visiting Cyprus’ capital city.


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