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Last update on the 12/06/2021

Its hard to estimate precisely the cost of plastic surgery because it involves several things you simply can’t put a price on. The most important this is your health of course, and no amount of money is worth getting a cheap plastic surgery procedure with a surgeon that is not formally trained in cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery and extensively experienced in the procedure you need. You need a qualified plastic surgeon to take care of you and do everything possible to ensure your safety.

We strive to provide you with the highest quality and cutting-edge cosmetic plastic surgery procedures available while keeping prices low enough to be affordable for everyone. For many procedures, health insurance can cover some or all of the cost. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to meet insurance companies prerequisites for covering many different procedures.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery that is not covered by insurance, we can help you work out payment plans that make your surgery more affordable. We understand that when it comes to finance, there are many demands on your resources and it can be hard to find the money you need to get the cosmetic plastic surgery you desire. We work with you to remove the barriers that might stop you from getting the quality results that can make a difference in your life. If you have questions about the cost or affordability of cosmetic plastic surgery, please call or email us today.