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Strovolos, situated in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, is a lively municipality with a rich history and vibrant community. With almost 70,000 inhabitants, it’s the second most populated town in Cyprus. Established in 1986, Strovolos has grown into a thriving place with various parishes and attractions for residents and tourists alike.

“Strovolos” comes from the Greek word “strovilos,” meaning whirlwind or twister. Historical references to Strovolos date back to the Middle Ages, as documented by chroniclers like Leontios Makhairas and Florius Boustronius. During Frankish Rule years ago, Strovolos served as a royal field. One notable figure in its history is Archbishop Kyprianos, who played an important role in preserving Christianity and the Greek spirit but was executed by Turks on July 9th, 1821.

After Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied much of its territory in 1974, Strovolos underwent significant changes becoming home to many displaced individuals seeking refuge. This influx contributed to the cultural diversity that characterizes Strovolos today.

Attractions & Activities

One attraction worth mentioning is the Municipal Theatre & Music Hall, which can accommodate concerts, operas, ballets & theatre performances, making it a cultural hub of the municipality, seating around 870 people, including special needs seats, with excellent acoustics garnering praise from musical conductors soloists & musicians who have performed there featuring modern amenities such as dressing rooms practice halls offices storing places ensuring successful organization attendance of performances.

Strovolos prides itself on its dedication to green spaces and environmental conservation. The municipality has 65 organized parks, providing ample recreational areas for citizens. Over 250 green spaces have been created, totaling 340,000 square meters, with approximately 40,000 trees planted in public places and municipal parking lots. Strovolos also boasts 32 organized green areas with amphitheaters, lakes, fountains, and playgrounds that add to the city’s allure. Acropolis and Ayios Demetrios are two standout parks that offer unique experiences popular among locals and visitors.

The Municipality of Strovolos is actively involved in social services and welfare initiatives, such as a club for senior citizens offering specialized care. In contrast, youth clubs promote recreation and education for primary school children. A Counseling Center provides free services on mental health issues like addiction or family problems while organizing various activities to provide financial assistance to those in need during festive seasons like Christmas or Easter.


Education is a key focus in Strovolos, with several elementary schools serving the local community and a gymnasium. In contrast, two private schools – GC School of Careers & The English School contribute towards developing well-rounded individuals who will be future leaders.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy Keravnos B.C., former Cypriot basketball champions playing at Costas Papaellinas Arena, which provides an excellent atmosphere for sports lovers showcasing the passion & dedication of the Strovolos community towards sportsmanship.


To ensure a delightful visit to Strovolos, tourists should follow these tips. Firstly, explore the municipality’s rich history by visiting sites like Chryseleousa parish, named after an ancient Greek Orthodox church built in the 12th century. Discover the stories and figures that shaped Strovolos into its vibrant self.

Secondly, immerse yourself in Strovolos’ cultural scene by attending Municipal Theatre and Music Hall performances. Enjoy exceptional acoustics while experiencing local and international artists’ talent and creativity.

Lastly, use Strovolos’ beautiful green spaces for a rejuvenating day with friends or family. Acropolis and Ayios Demetrios parks are renowned for their scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

In conclusion, as a neighborhood in Nicosia, Cyprus, with a fascinating history and attractions to explore, whether you’re a resident or tourist – there is something for everyone here! From cultural experiences at Municipal Theatre to the tranquility of green spaces – discover the unique charm & warm hospitality of people in Strovolos today!


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