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Useful tips and advice on cosmetic surgery

The first facelift ever performed was in 1901 in Berlin, Germany by Dr. Eugene Hollander.  Since then the procedure has become much more skills demanding, with better and more natural results.

Dr. Stavrou, a well established plastic surgeon trained in Israel, has gathered for you some plastic surgery tips and advice, to ensure you get the best results should you choose to undergo a plastic surgery procedure:

  • Enquire if there are preparations you should make prior to surgery.
  • Make sure the cosmetic surgery facility is properly licensed, fully accredited and registered, with up to date inspections.
  • Research your potential plastic surgeon fully.
  • Be certain to talk to your doctor about the final costs during consultation. Make sure all fees are included before making payment.

Take your time before making any decision, make sure you know all the facts and are comfortable with your choices.

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Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.

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