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Discover the charm of Lakatamia, a suburb in Nicosia, Cyprus. It has a rich history and friendly community making it a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Originally two small villages known as Upper and Lower Lakatamia, it has transformed into a flourishing neighborhood with approximately 38,345 residents as of 2011. “Lakatamia” is believed to have originated from the word “Kalakaua,” meaning wells.


For those interested in history, Lakatamia offers intriguing sites such as the Lakatamia Airfield, which serves as an airstrip for the Cypriot National Guard. Football club EN THOI Lakatamia also calls this neighborhood home and once had renowned Cypriot international Valentinos Sielis on their team.

Lakatamia’s allure surpasses its historical significance. The neighborhood boasts a hospitable community, providing insight into local customs. For tourists visiting Lakatamia, here are some tips to enhance your experience:

Discover Cultural Heritage

 Stroll through the streets of Lakatamia to uncover its rich cultural heritage. Admire the traditional architecture, engage with locals, and immerse yourself in the authentic Cypriot lifestyle.

Indulge in Traditional Cuisine

  1. Savor local gastronomy by dining at traditional taverns and restaurants.
  2. Try delicious Cypriot dishes like souvlaki, halloumi cheese, and loukoumades (honey balls).
  3. Pair your meal with refreshing Cyprus wine.

Visit Municipal Park

If you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or traveling with family, visit the Lakatamia Municipal Park. Enjoy picnics amidst lush greenery or take leisurely walks while children play at the playground.

Attend Local Festivals & Events: To truly experience the vibrant spirit of Lakatamia, plan visits during cultural festivals held throughout the year. These festivities offer glimpses into local traditions and customs, from concerts to traditional celebrations.

Whether resident or tourist, embrace the past while embracing the future in Lakatamia; fascinating history, warm community & captivating attractions make it a must-visit destination near Nicosia,CY. Pack bags for an unforgettable journey where ancient tales & modern delights intertwine!


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