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Ayioi Omoloyites

Ayioi Omoloyites

Discover the charming neighborhood of Ayioi Omoloyites in Nicosia, Cyprus. Its rich history and picturesque surroundings make it a primary destination for residents and tourists.

With 153 streets covering the southern part of Nicosia, including prominent avenues like Ay, Omoloyiton Avenue, and Kyriakou Matsi Avenue, Ayioi Omoloyites offers a distinct charm that sets it apart. Once an independent village annexed to the municipality of Nicosia in 1944, its heart revolved around the beautiful parish church built in 1674 on the site of a pagan tomb converted into a Christian church.

The church is a sight to see, with an impressive icon dating back to 1663, and beneath lies a shrine carved out of rock formerly used as a Roman tomb. Explore further southwest, where you’ll discover the grounds of the Presidential Palace (formerly known as Government House), adding allure to this captivating neighborhood. On the west side flows river Pediaios – the main river of Cyprus – adding natural beauty to the surroundings.

Elevate your travel experience by visiting Ayioi Omoloyites!

To maximize your Ayioi Omoloyites visit, follow these tips:

Stroll leisurely: Explore the neighborhood on foot to appreciate its charm.

Visit parish church: Don’t miss the historic Ayioi Omoloyites Church and its Holy Confessors icon.

Tour Presidential Palace: Learn Cyprus’ political history at this former Government House turned palace.

Picnic by Pediaios River: Relax in nature’s beauty with a serene picnic spot.

Ayioi Omoloyites blend culture, history, and natural beauty for an unforgettable experience. Discover this hidden Nicosia gem as a resident or traveler. Create lasting memories in enchanting Ayioi Omoloyites.


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