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Pedieos Linear Park

Pedieos Linear Park

Discover the serene and picturesque Pedieos Linear Park in Nicosia, Cyprus. This 14-kilometer park follows the course of the Pedieos River, adorned with eucalyptus, pine, and palm trees. The path splits into separate lanes for walking and cycling enthusiasts after approximately 3 kilometers from its starting point. Future plans include extending the park by an additional 14.2 kilometers and transforming a 5-kilometer stretch of the river into a linear park.

Pedieos Linear Park is a popular recreational area that caters to all preferences – whether you seek an active day out or a leisurely stroll. Its greenery offers cooling effects during Cyprus’ summer months, making it an ideal place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.


The park supports diverse flora and fauna, with various tree species and river ecosystems creating a haven for wildlife. Visitors can enjoy the visually appealing environment.

Environmental Sustainability

 Nicosia’s wastewater treatment plant extension and green waste composting facility showcase the park’s commitment to ecological conservation, contributing to regional sustainability.

Flood Protection

Pedieos Linear Park incorporates flood protection measures, enhancing its resilience while protecting surrounding communities during heavy rainfall or floods.

Recreational Areas and Educational Facilities

The park offers dedicated spaces for leisure activities, community gatherings, and environmental education. Families and school trips can make use of these facilities.

Tips for Visiting Pedieos Linear Park:


1. Plan Ahead

Check weather conditions before visiting. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for walking or cycling.

2. Cycling/Walking

Separate lanes are available for both activities. Rent a bike from nearby shops or take a leisurely walk along the scenic path. Stay hydrated during your visit.

Nature Appreciation: Take time to admire the stunning natural surroundings – tall eucalyptus, pine trees, palm trees – as well as the peaceful flow of Pedieos River. Capture photographs if desired.

3. Rest and Snack

Pedieos Linear Park has benches and picnic areas for a break. Bring a blanket for a nature-surrounded snack. Dispose of waste responsibly.

4. Explore the Path

The park spans 14 kilometers, with plans to extend it further. Look out for new sights along the Pedieos River.

5. Learn and Engage

Educational facilities offer information about local ecosystems and environmental conservation. Children can learn interactively.

6. Respect Nature

Avoid littering, harming animals, or breaking park regulations while enjoying Pedieos Linear Park’s natural environment.

Visit Nicosia’s Pedieos Linear Park to immerse in nature and outdoor activities, and appreciate the river’s beauty. Whether resident or tourist, this destination is a must-visit spot. Rent a bike or wear walking shoes for an unforgettable journey through this picturesque linear park in Nicosia’s heartland.


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