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Church of Agia Marina

Church of Agia Marina

Discover the Church of Agia Marina, a charming gem in Nicosia, Cyprus. This place of worship is nestled east of Analyontas village. It has become a beloved attraction for residents and tourists alike. With its history going back to the 16th century, this church offers visitors a glimpse into the past and an atmosphere that captivates. Let’s explore its remarkable features.

History & Architecture:

The present-day Church of Agia Marina was built in 1917 on top of an earlier structure from the mid-16th century. The church consists of one room with a wooden roof adorned with tiles. Its exterior culminates in a polygonal arch covered by similar tiles while enclosed by stone walls.

Interior Beauty:

Upon entering the Church of Agia Marina, visitors are greeted by meticulously crafted carved templo showcasing natural decorations. One notable feature within is the wooden episcope throne from the 18th century, as noted by Charalambos Erodotou. What sets this church apart are icons predating its construction carefully preserved from its predecessor holding great historical and religious significance – including unique iconography depicting patron saint Agia Marina herself!

Community Goals:

The villagers of Nicosia aspire to build a larger church dedicated to Agia Marina, as the current one’s limited capacity poses a challenge due to its popularity and significance. This reflects their enduring devotion to their patron saint.

Visiting Tips:

Respectful Attire: Modestly dress when visiting the Church of Agia Marina as a sign of respect for this religious site.

Photography: Capture the timeless beauty of the church but be mindful of any ongoing religious ceremonies or services.

Quiet Reflection: Take in the tranquility and serenity within the church, ideal for personal reflection and spiritual contemplation.

Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with any specific customs or practices locals follow when visiting this cultural experience.

The Church of Agia Marina is a testament to its rich history and enduring faith. Its captivating architecture, ancient icons, and serene interior offer unique spiritual experiences. Whether seeking historical insights, religious contemplation, or simply moments of tranquility – it is an unforgettable destination that will leave lasting impressions on your heart & soul.


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