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Agios Dometios

Agios Dometios

Discover the charm of Agios Dometios, a lively suburb located west of Nicosia in Cyprus. With over 12,000 residents, it is one of the largest municipalities on the island. This article provides information for both locals and tourists.

History and Heritage

Agios Dometios has a rich past dating back to ancient times. The village existed during the Franks era from 1191 to 1489. It was named after St. Dometios of Persia, who lived in the 4th century AD and converted many people to Christianity before being stoned to death by Emperor Julian in 362 AD. The Church of Ayios Dometios, built in the 17th century, is a testament to its historical significance.

Checkpoint and Cross-Border Connections

Since 2003, Agios Dometios has been home to an important checkpoint between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot areas allowing thousands of daily passage across borders and facilitating communication between communities.

Interesting Sites and Attractions

Agios Demetrios offers several noteworthy attractions:

Ayios Dhometrios Checkpoint: A significant attraction symbolizing the connection between divided sides since opening May ’04, witnessing thousands passing through daily.

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics: Located at Kolokassides roundabout, this institute is a vital center for neurology and genetics research and healthcare.

Coca-Cola Factory: Situated on Engomi industrial area’s edge, Ayios Dhometios’ Coca-Cola factory produces beloved soft drinks in Cyprus. The factory compound also makes Lanitis juices and milk products.

Parks: Agios Dometios has several playgrounds for residents and visitors. The Missing in Action Park opposite the Coca-Cola factory commemorates Ayios Dhometios residents who went missing during the Turkish Invasion. Other parks include Ayios Dhometios Park, Ayios Pavlos Park, and a newly built park dedicated to National Guard.

Education & Demographics

Agios Demetrios has three elementary schools & one junior high school. Its population is diverse, with various cultures residing within its borders. While it has a historic Greek-Cypriot community, Agio Domentos boasts Nicosia’s largest Pontic Greek community and significant Russian-speaking & Cypriot Armenian communities contributing to its unique cultural tapestry.

Sports & Athletics

Agio Domentos nurtures talented athletes excelling across various disciplines such as basketball, football, badminton, handball, table tennis, etc., producing notable athletes like George Anastasiades (current captain of the National Basketball Team), Christos Stylianides (legendary figure in Cyprus basketball), Yiannos Ioannou (former captain of National Football Team).

Agios Dometios, located in Nicosia, Cyprus, boasts a strong sporting culture with several notable clubs. ENAD Ayios Dhometios dominates basketball with two Cyprus championships and one cup. Mavrommatis Ayios Pavlos excels in handball and table tennis at national and international levels. EAS Ayios Dhometios focuses on football and has indoor and cycling teams.

The neighborhood’s stadiums include a 1000-seat football stadium near the 1st elementary school and a 1500-seat basketball arena or municipal stadium near the 3rd elementary school. The latter recently underwent renovations that included adding a modern wooden parquet floor. Plans are underway to replace it with an indoor arena.

In July 2004, Agios Demetrios was honored as the final stop for the Athens Olympics torch before returning to Greece.

With its rich history, diverse demographics, churches, parks, sports clubs, and institutions like the Olympic Torch Relay destination Agioi Omologites Primary School nearby, Agioi Omologites Secondary School is another attraction of this captivating neighborhood that promises delightful experiences for all who visit or reside there.


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