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A Brief History of Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is a popular plastic surgery among women and men of all ages who want to achieve tight and flat abdominal. Also known as a tummy tuck, this cosmetic procedure is one of the safest plastic surgeries, offering impressive and immediate results that make people feel more confident about their body.

tummy tuck

Even though tummy tuck procedures increased in popularity during the past decade, abdominoplasty has been around for hundreds of years, since the early 1800s. Of course, the surgical tools and techniques plastic surgeons use today are cutting-edge, allowing for safer and more successful results, in addition to a smooth and fast healing process.

Let’s have a glance into the interesting history of the tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck For Medical Reasons In The 1800s

The first tummy tucks were performed back in the 1800s for treating injured patients with severe wounds. The process back then included the removal of excess skin from the abdominal area to cover up open wounds. Hence, the first surgeries in the abdomen had to do with medical reasons. One drawback with this medical procedure was that patients were left without a belly button.

Even in the late 1800s, when plastic surgeons began performing tummy tucks for cosmetic reasons, they couldn’t preserve the appearance of the belly button.

Improvements in Tummy Tucks In The 20th Century

In the 20th century, abdominoplasty evolved into a more efficient and safer plastic surgery. Some French doctors were the first ones who managed to preserve the belly button while performing a tummy tuck. They did that by creating horizontal and vertical flap incisions rather than one horizontal incision across the center of the abdomen.

Still, abdominoplasty was mainly used for medical purposes, such as treating critically wounded patients during World War I. The treatment of thousands of injured soldiers helped surgeons master their techniques, creating this way the foundation of modern tummy tucks.

Modern Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery


In the late 20th century, surgeons realized that abdominoplasty could create a tighter and smoother appearance of the abdominal area.

Modern tummy tucks are safer and less painful than ever before. Today’s plastic surgeons use proper sterilized techniques, advanced surgical tools and perform the procedure under anesthesia. The abdominoplasty today also offers fast recovery and exceptional results, making patients feel more beautiful and confident about their body.

In general, abdominoplasty can improve sagging skin and restore the body’s youthful appearance. It is a particularly effective procedure for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and want to repair or tighten muscles in the abdomen by removing excess skin. Women after pregnancy or C-sections may also opt for a tummy tuck to remove the C-section scar or treat a condition related to pregnancy called diastasis recti. Read more about what problems tummy tuck resolves.

The two main types of a tummy tuck are mini tummy tuck and full abdominoplasty. In the mini tummy tuck, the surgeon performs a short skin incision above the pubic area without moving the belly button. On the other hand, full abdominoplasty is a more traditional type of tummy tuck. The cosmetic surgeon removes all the fat of the abdominal wall, tightens the beneath muscles and repositions the freed-up belly button.

A consultation with your plastic surgeon will help you understand the differences between tummy tuck procedures and how you can get the best results to fit the rest of your body and fulfill your cosmetic goals. 

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Tummy Tuck With Liposuction or As Part of A Mommy Makeover

In some cases, the surgeon might suggest combining the tummy tuck with other cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, body contouring or breast lift for the patient to achieve optimal results and an ultimately refined, proportional and beautiful body. For women who had several childbirths, this combination of plastic surgeries is called Mommy Makeover. In particular, a mommy makeover allows women to restore their tight tummy and youthful appearance.

Planning Your Abdominoplasty With Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stavrou in Cyprus, Greece & Malta

Learn more about the positive effects of a tummy tuck on your appearance and discuss your concerns and expectations with board-certified plastic surgeon in Nicosia, Limassol, Athens and Sliema, Dr. Demetris Stavrou (MD, MSc, EBOPRAS, ASPS).

Dr. Stavrou has extensive experience in body surgery and an artistic eye. He uses cutting-edge surgical technology and advanced tummy tuck techniques. He is compassionate and always by the side of his patients to make them feel comfortable, confident and secure before and after the cosmetic procedure.


Dr Stavrou is a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon in Cyprus, Greece and Malta, with a keen interest in informing patients about the latest updates on reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

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