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Considering a Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in Cyprus

Considering a Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in Cyprus

Dr. Demetris Stavrou, as a well established plastic surgeon, understands that some of you are considering cosmetic surgery abroad either to find a better surgeon or better price.  He strongly advises that you carry out extensive research before committing to any form of surgery in a foreign country.  Often patients think that anyone with a medical degree can perform cosmetic surgery.  This is certainly not the case, you should ensure the surgeon is qualified and experienced in cosmetic surgery before proceeding further.

If you decide to proceed, make sure you meet the surgeon personally and have seen the surgery facility. You should feel comfortable with both the surgeon and the surroundings. The relationship should be based on trust not on how much money you will be saving.  Remember, safety comes first.

Ensure that your chosen physician has specific training in cosmetic surgery procedures, through an accredited plastic surgeon residency program and/or fellowship.  For example, Dr. Stavrou mastered new surgical techniques during his aesthetic fellowship in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Stavrou is also choosing the best hospitals in Cyprus with the advance facilities to perform his procedures.

Cyprus is consider to be one of the most affordable and good located countries in Europe to perform a cosmetic Surgery. That’s because of its high standard Health system and well trained doctors. People also consider Cyprus as a great destination for medical tourism due to its good weather and sea.

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