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Teardrop vs. Round Breast Implants

breast implants

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a highly personal decision.  Women often choose to get implants to achieve a fuller look, while others wish to correct asymmetry. In addition, women may decide to get implants for medical reasons. For example, they might have had a mastectomy, or want to restore lost volume following weight loss, or wish to return to their previous shape after pregnancy.

Different shapes of breast implants are available to help patients achieve their desired breast look, with the two most prominent ones being teardrop vs. round implants. Apart from the appearance, each option has unique benefits that appeal to different women. Here is a rundown of the crucial differences between teardrop and round implants to help you make your decision.

Breast Augmentation According to Body Type

breast augmentation implants

Choosing the correct shape and size of breast implant is an important decision that will affect the look and feel of your results. Your body frame is one of the primary considerations when choosing the right breast implant.

For example, if you have a small frame, then teardrop implants might be the best option for you as they allow for a more natural-looking projection and shape. However, round implants may allow for better-proportioned results if you have curves.

Breast implants are not one-size-fits-all, so it is essential to talk to an experienced plastic surgeon in order to ensure that you get the results you desire. Thanks to the advances in technology, there are now more scientific approaches to preoperative planning in breast augmentation. For example, patients can have an accurate image of the postoperative results in advance, by using 3D virtual simulations of their own body. This way, both the surgeon and patient can make informed decisions about the size and shape of the breast implants that will lead to the desired result.

Shape and Appearance

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The most apparent difference between teardrop and round breast implants is their shape. Teardrop implants are shaped like a teardrop, with a narrower top that gradually becomes wider towards the bottom. This type of implant is recommended for patients with droopy breasts as they mimic the shape of a natural breast and help achieve a more natural look.

On the other hand, round implants are perfectly symmetrical in shape and maintain their consistency throughout. This type of implant is often recommended for patients with little existing breast tissue as they provide more fullness and volume.

Texture and Feel

breast implants

The texture of your breast implants can also affect the look and feel of your results. Teardrop implants are anatomically shaped, which means they mimic the breast’s natural shape. The outer shell of anatomical implants is textured, which helps adhere the implant to the surrounding tissue and minimize the possibility of malrotation. All in all, teardrop implants have a natural feel, are usually more cohesive and less deformable. Yet, they can also feel slightly firmer than round implants.

Round implants, on the other hand, are smooth in texture. Smooth implants are not as thick as textured ones. They are known to be softer and more pliable.

Incision Placement

Teardrop implants are usually placed using an inframammary incision made in the crease beneath the breast. This type of incision provides sufficient access to the pocket and allows for precise implant placement. However, it can also result in a visible scar and a more extended healing period.

Round implants can be placed using either an inframammary or periareolar incision. The periareolar incision is made around the nipple and can help to minimize scarring. However, this type of incision can make it more difficult to achieve symmetry and lead to a higher risk of capsular contracture.


Teardrop implants are typically more expensive than round implants. On top of the material used, teardrop implants are often more challenging to place, resulting in higher surgical costs. Unlike round implants, teardrop implants are not available in saline, and they can only be filled with silicone gel.

Get Outstanding Breast Implant Surgery With Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stavrou in Cyprus, Greece & Malta

To decide whether teardrop or round breast implants are more suitable for you, consult with the board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Demetris Stavrou (MD, MSc, EBOPRAS, ASPS), in Nicosia, Limassol, Athens, and Sliema.

Dr. Stavrou has extensive experience in breast augmentation, and he is passionate about helping his patients achieve their desired results. He will help you choose the best size and shape of implants for your body, so that the final result looks and feels totally attractive and natural. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Stavrou today to get started on your journey toward beautiful, natural-looking breasts.


Dr. Demetris Stavrou

Dr Stavrou is a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon in Cyprus, Greece and Malta, with a keen interest in informing patients about the latest updates on reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.


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