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Stavrou Demetris MD - calf-implants

A well shaped calf is the desire of anyone who likes a beautiful and athletic body.

The area of the calf can be disproportionally thin in relation to the rest of the lower limb. This can be due to genetic predisposition which is normal or it can be a result of specific diseases such as poliomyelitis. Moreover, the atrophy can be unilateral or can be present in both calves.

The most common procedure for calf augmentation and reshaping is the placement of silicone implants. Through a small skin incision in the popliteal fossa right behind the knee, the silicone implant can be placed right above the medial of lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle. In some cases it might be necessary to use two implants in one side, one for each head of the muscle.

There are numerous types and sizes of calf implants. Choosing the right implant for you is of great essence and it is done during the pro-operative consultation by Dr. Stavrou.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. An overnight stay in the clinic may be required.

Recovery depends on the extent of the surgery. Light activities may commence from the 1st post-op day. Athletic activity may take 4 weeks. The use of compression garments is recommended after your surgery since it helps reduce fluid retention and accelerate recovery.

Results are long-term but possible changes in your body weight can alter the outcome.

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